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Executive Robert Bernstock Brings Experience to Any Job

July 18, 2019

It can certainly be said that the past few years have been extremely busy for executive Robert F. Bernstock. That is because he has simultaneously served USCI Company as their Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, while he was alsoworking hard as President and Chief Executive Officer of Medical Services Associates, LLC. At the same time, he was also fulfilling a five-year contract as a consultant for a leading national marketer of branded lawn & garden and pet products Central Garden and Pet Company.

There are many reasons why Robert F Bernstock can do so many things at the same time, and most of them are related to his extensive experience in the business world. His business career has covered more than a quarter-century by now, and that time has featured many leadership roles with many companies in a number of environments. His has received numerous endorsements in many important business skills, primarily for his high level of skill dealing with innovation, team building and change management, among many others. Bob Bernstock is considered a leader and a good strategic planner when change is necessary for a company’s success. Companies call on Bob to fill leadership roles because he fully understands that handling change is an essential skill for any company, as well as its leadership.